IOP Conference Series

NEW!!!  Author asked to re-submit papers AFTER amendments at latest  5th of MARCH

AUTHORS instructions.

Papers should be re-submitted using the form below after amendments based on the reviewer comments (step 4-5 to the right).

Not later than the 5'th of March.

All reviewer comments should be commented on the text field below and a WORD-file .doc or .docx should be appended.

Paper number and list of papers


STEP4: Submit the full paper for reviewing.
STEP5: After feed back and adjustments submit the ammended paper.
STEP6: The paper will then be approved for the IOP conference series or in special cases with very strong amendments selected to our "house" IOP journal STMP  ...


  • Find paper ref no. on the review comments you just received or from the Table of Content from the Printed Abstract Book e.g. O11 or P27
    (Invited Speakers just write "INVITED")
  • Please comment here your actions on all reviewer comments.
  • Append file with the amended paper on a word .doc or .docx file format using GREY button below to upload file.

    Note: Files larger than 10MB can be submitted directly on e-mail to "" stating the Paper Reference number according to the instructions above.
    (max 50 MB)